Trivia Tuesday 04-12-2018

//Trivia Tuesday 04-12-2018

Trivia Tuesday 04-12-2018

It is Trivia Tuesday on RADAF!
Answer the questions below in the comments and listen to the Work Day Grind with Your Mothers Favourite DJ, Vas Every Tuesday from 9am till 12pm for the answers!

Are You Ready??


  1. Stewart Copeland is the drummer for which band? The Police
  2. What was the name of the backing band of Cliff Richards? The Shadows
  3. Which famous “Great Balls of Fire” singer caused controversy when he married a Teenager? Jerry Lee Lewis
  4. Which Radiohead album received critical acclimation when several magazines and professionals labeled it as the best album ever produced? Ok, Computer
  5. Who was the lead singer of the band Aerosmith? Steven Tyler


Post your answer and listen today’s show at 11:45 for the answers!

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